RocksBox Review And First Month Free!

So this is my newest subscription. I just signed up last Thursday and yesterday I got my first box. Holy wow that fast! So let’s talk about what this is. RocksBox is basically Netflix for jewelry. You pay $19.95 a month, fill out a style profile, add some jewelry picks to your “wish list” and then RocksBox puts together a cute little box of three jewelry items and sends it to you. You keep the items as long as you want – I’m not quite sure how long that means until they just charge you for it, but I better find out because let me tell you, I have SO many Redbox and Netflix movies that I now own because I forgot to return them.  They send you a return label. When you are finished wearing your three pieces, you send them back and they send you three more pieces. Turn over time is fast as a cat, so you could possibly wear new jewelry every week, if not faster. 

Wish list:  On the RocksBox website they have a wish list of all the jewelry items they carry. You can pick the items you like and add them to your “wish list”. RocksBox suggests that you keep 15 items on your wishlist at all times. If you do that, they promise to send you at least one of your wishlist items each shipment. They have a lot of jewelry from a lot of really nice brands. We aren’t talking Tiffany or Cartier here – but nice, quality designers like Kendra Scott, Gorgana  and House of Harlow. Scroll through everything, or sort by just necklaces or earrings – you get the picture. You can also add items to your wishlist by checking RocksBox Instagram page and, if you like and item you see, just commenting under the picture with the word “wishlist”. Make sure you add your Instagram name on your profile, and somehow, they can add those items to your wishlist. I am going to try this out and let you know if it works – because I have requested a bazillion things I’ve seen on the Stitch Fix Instagram page – and haven’t gotten a single thing yet. Have any of you? 

What happens nex?

They send you the items. You wear them and return them, then get three more sent out forever until you cancel. But what happens if you fall totally in love with an item and want to keep it? Well guess what?  That can happen and it’s super easy. They send an information sheet listing the items, designers and price. If you love the item, you keep it and they charge your card. They also make it more enticing by giving you a ten dollar credit each month to spend on any, or all, of your items – or any of the jewelry for sale on the site.

So what did I get?

First look:




This is perfect for me because I don’t like to buy jewelry. I really don’t like to buy big, statement jewelry. If I buy jewelry, it is always the same thing = delicate silver necklaces. I don’t buy rings because I don’t usually think to wear them. I don’t buy earrings because my ears are gauged (Google it!). I want to try big, bold, colorful necklaces and rings. I want them to send me giant, rich lady looking, cocktail rings that make people think I’m fancier than I really am (cuz I ain’t fancy for sure). I want to try it. But. Guess what I added to my wishlist? A delicate silver necklace. Guess what they sent me?

1) Gorjana Greer V-neck Necklace in Rhodium

Of course I want to buy this. I love this.


It’s retail value – according to RocksBox – is $65. The “Insiders Price” (which to me means “the used jewelry price”) is $52. So if I used my $10 monthly coupon, I would pay $42 and it would be mine forever and ever – or until I break it…..which is likely to happen quickly because I am a klutz and I don’t know how to properly store necklaces. 

This is beautiful and can be casual – or you can do what I did and dress it up for a sexy night out and make it pretty much a giant, neon, blinking arrow pointing men right down into your bewbz. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – just don’t complain afterwards that no guy you talked to would make eye contact….

“Hey! My eyes are up here”!  Lol. Yeah, this is a great necklace. I have no where to go, but I’m gonna have to find a place right?  

2) Jill Michael Bar Pendant Necklace in Silver

Surprise, another delicate silver necklace. Exactly what I love – and exactly what I was trying to step away from. This one can be worn shorter, or longer length:

It’s nice. It’s simple. It’s pretty. I want it. I have about ten like it. The “Retail” is $48 “Insider” is $38 and, if I used my $10, it’s only $28. I’m sending it back, but I wouldn’t mind keeping it. 

3) Wanderlust + Co Wave Double Crystal Silver Ring 


I want this. It barely fits my finger. On your profile, you list all of your ring sizes. The card doesn’t show me what size this is though.  So I guess my fingers are thicker than I thought? No, the real problem is I have giant, swollen knuckles that look like I was a Golden Glove Boxer…..anyone else have this problem?  I like adjustable rings best for this reason. 

This is really stunning in person. It’s just not that giant, ladies who lunch, ring I was looking for. 

“Retail”- $49. “Insider” -$39 

The problem I’m going to have is how to spend my $10 coupon. I need to research and get some questions asked. Like, if I return all of these, get three new items and then decide I want that “cleavage loving necklace” – can I still buy it and use my $10?  I’m gonna try it and let Y’all know. 



My opinion: this is going to be fun. I obviously need to redo my wishlist. I can see me having a hard time keeping these items from breaking and from not losing them. If they send me larger pieces, that might not be such a problem. I love that I will be able to wear all kinds of jewelry, and not pay the money to keep it all. For $20 a month, I can reasonably get and wear probably 12 pieces of jewelry. I will look more fashionable and I will save money doing it. I really like this subscription!

If you want to give this service a try, go to the website and please use my Promo code (Staceybff104) to get your first month free! Yay free! Plus, I get $25 credit for every one of you that tries this using my code. That’s awesome. Give it a try – what do you have to lose – except your money when you fall in love with all of it and buy, buy,buy!

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Review of new mystery box: Relish Clothing is here!  And I’ve got a promo code for you….

Ok Ladies! There is a new mystery clothing box on the scene and it is coming out swinging like Floyd Mayweather (well he kinda ducks and weaves – but you get the point).

Name: Relish Mystery Box 


Details: Pick one of three size boxes: the small will generally have 4 or 5 items in it, the medium will generally have 6 to 8 and the large, 9 or 10.  These can be all clothing, or a mix of some accessories too. 

Price: small = $99 with a guaranteed retail value of at least $300. Medium = $149 with a retail of at least $500. Large = $199 with a retail of at least $700.

You know what’s different about this box? They go out of their way to find XS and XL sizes. I think, if you check with them, they may even do 1XL. So finally, women with some curves are able to join in the fun!  

They also have a trading page on Facebook: Relish Clothing Trading Page. So if you get an item that doesn’t work for you, you can list it there and sell or trade it. You can also buy others listed items too. Awesome!

So let’s get to a reveal or two right?

I ordered a medium mystery box and it arrived within a week. That’s probably the fastest turn around time I have ever seen for a clothing box. When you order, there is a drop down box for you to list “all the things you relish”. I can’t remember what all I put, but I know I said that I am very petite, I need XS sizes, I love boho but not flower print, no cardigans and I need clothing that is wearable in this ridiculous Georgia hear. Basically, help me look cute with clothes that won’t melt to my body. So what did she deliver?  Let’s see:

1) Michelle USA raw edged grey shirt  


Do I love this shirt? Holy wow yes I do! It’s so lightweight. It’s so breathable. It’s SO soft. I want to sleep in it. I want to wear it while eating Cheetos and binge watching the ID channel. Yet, I also want to get it dressed up and take it to the club like this:


Or dress it up for lunch with the girls like this:

Or just be chill heading to the pool like this:

A zillion ways to style this shirt – and I’m gonna have fun trying them all. 

Item 2: Skies Are Blue shirt 

Another lightweight so cozy shirt I want to use as a pillowcase when I’m not rocking it out like this:

Or maybe going to one of the four hundred country music festivals or fairs around here – just missing my Red Solo Cup in this one:

Yeehaw Y’all. Check out my amazing Frye boots too!  Perfect match. 

But, the blue tones in the shirt also allow me to match it with my light blue silk pants for the most comfortable outfit ever created:

Item 3: Skies Are Blue XS top

Another winner. Lightweight again, but this one has cute details and design and it’s just as quality as the others. Perfect for just running errands around town:  

Check out the cute details:


You know the trick for how to make a regular bra work with a racer back top right? Just use a paper clip and put the straps through it and wham! Racer back bra. Don’t forget to loosen the straps a little bit though, or it will hurt the end of the day.

How bout my Patriotic look?

Man I am loving this box so much!

4) Skies are Blue XS

I guess this is the brand of the summer huh? Plus, SAB comes in XS, where most brands don’t carry XS. I love Stitch Fix – but they always send me SAB tops too – and they want $55 or so for each one. So I think I’m getting a deal right?   

I was worried I would have to wear a cami under this one, but I don’t. It’s lightweight and looks slightly sheer, but it isn’t see through. I can dress it down like I did above. Or wear it to court with my suits:  

 Or Business Casual for client meetings:
Item 5) Ellison Shirt dress 

So. Much. Love.   

I tried it different ways, but I really liked it with the belt I got as item 6: 

Yeah, how cute is that belt? It ties in the back with little Pom Poms and I adore it.  

It even looks great with cobalt skinnies for colder weather. I am sad to say, however, that this may be the one item I will list on the trading board. It’s just a little too big for me. I want to keep it badly – but I need it to be three inches or so shorter in all areas, especially the back, for me to do that. Bummer, but I know I’ll pick up an item just as cute. 

Item 7) Well Hello Lover!

Yeah, so the brand is really “Esley” – but I don’t care about the brand. I care about how mother loving hot and gorgeous this dress is. Positively my new favorite dress I own: check it: 

Look at that pattern!  Look at those colors!  Look at the crochet! Man, I love this dress. 


The back is open and ties at the neck for that perfect fit. 

Ok Y’all, there it is. Is that not amazing or what?  Four tops, two dresses and a belt. I think that’s a WinnerWinnerChickenDinner!

Before I give you a promo code to give this bad boy a try for yourself, I asked one of the ladies on the Trading Board if she would mind if I used her photos to show you a few of the items Relish is sending to women who are XL. So here is the lovely Melissa and some her items: 

Tank top and Cardigan….

Beautiful bright blue embroidered maxi. 

Isn’t she stunning?

So here’s what all of you should do.  Head to, pick the mystery box of your choosing and clothing size, enter as detailed notes as you want about what you are looking for and then use the promotional code: Insidetheboxes10 for ten percent off your first order!  How cool is that? Are you getting one?  Please let me know what you think, if you are ordering and what you get when it gets to you.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you one last thing that was in my box for that extra kiss of sweetness: 

Perfection Relish, perfection!

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Weeding them out

Blogging is hard Y’all.  It takes up so much time and energy and creativity: you have to come up with fun and clever ways to word things and then add pictures to go along and make it all interesting and stuff. 

Well – this blog was always supposed to be brutally honest reviews of subscription boxes, and anything else I bought and tried, so that maybe it would help someone out there make a decision about whether a box is right for them or not. 

I haven’t blogged in a long time because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because I finally looked around my house and saw that I was positively swimming in clothing, makeup, gadgets, coffee mugs, cords (so many cords to so many gadgets) and just stuff.  Stuff and more stuff. All from subscription boxes. Right now, I have more black mascara than Tammy Faye Baker could have used in a lifetime. I have enough tiny little shampoo samples to wash all a Y’all’s hair twenty times over – assuming we could get it all out of those ridiculously non user friendly bottles. And the clothes….good lord if my house caught fire right now, you would be able to smell the burning polyester for miles and miles. 

  Anybody need some cardboard?

So I took inventory. Both literally and logically. How much of this stuff from these boxes did I actually use and enjoy vs. how much is just sitting in boxes in my closet?  
How much of the clothing am I actually wearing vs. what is just crammed in the drawers….and closets…and laundry area….and hampers…and over chairs, tables, the dogs etc…

Why was I spending all of this money on all of this stuff; the majority of which I didn’t use?  Well, that’s an easy question: because I love surprises.  That’s how these subscription boxes suck people in. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Who doesn’t love getting packages of fun things delivered to the front door instead of the same damn water bill month after month?

So I decided to stop subscribing to all of the boxes that didn’t offer me my monies worth. I define that as being: which boxes consistently contain items I have mostly loved and mostly used? Simply, which ones are really worth my money?

Here’s what I kept:

BarkBox: I have gotten two a month of this box for eleven months now. The boxes always have more value in them than what I paid, but more importantly, they are always fun and exciting to open for me, the kids and especially, the dogs!  They offer toys and treats that are quality sourced, the customer service is incredible, the toys make me laugh and the best part is they have increased my interaction with my dogs.  I now have loads of dog toys all over the house, but I learned a trick for that. If I take away all but three or four toys at a time, and then add one or two toys back in – it’s almost like the dogs got a new toy again.  All of a sudden, a toy they were no longer interested in and had abandoned to rot was now brand new and exciting again. Love it!  

Birchbox: the OG. The gateway box that lead me down the path to subscription box addiction. It goes without argument that BB has the best reward system going. They give out points like candy and they make it so easy to use those points to get quality beauty items I need.  In a year, I have racked up over two thousand points just by promotions and doing product reviews. They also have the best customer service I have ever dealt with from sub boxes. They go the extra mile for their customers and it shows. So they can keep sending me teeny bottles of No.4 hair products and “Hello” perfume; and I will keep reviewing those products and racking points and cashing in for stuff I really use. 

Birchbox Man: Another winner almost every month for me. The success or failure of this box always depends on the one high priced item that’s in each box = if it’s an item you like, than the box is beyond worth it. If it’s not, then you still get points! Winner.

Glossybox:  I just love this box. I love that they are always introducing me to high end beauty products that are fun to try. They don’t have the best customer service – but it’s tolerable. About twice a year they have a promo code for 20% off any length sub – and it always rolls around right before my sub is about to expire. Yay me!

Stitch Fix: I’m waiting on my tenth Fix to arrive and I’m liking it. I have one had one Fix that was an epic failure, but one nice email to customer service and they sent me a sincere apology and a new $20 styling fee for the next one. Keep em coming Stitch Fix!

Nina Garcia for Quarterly: out of all the sub boxes, this one seems to be the one that people either totally love, or totally hate. I totally love it. I’ve gotten more things I love and use out of this box than any other. So it stays. 

DottieBox: for now, but only because I have a six month sub. I originally bought a six month sub to a box called “Indie Gift Box”. After I got the first box, they merged with the pre-existing Dottie Box and that’s what they started sending me. The contents of each box so far have been just ok. Nothing overwhelming. Really, just more clutter for my house. Cute clutter, but clutter nontheless. This one will be going away once it’s time has run. 

BoCandy:  I bought a year length sub for $80. It stays till the year is up and then I won’t renew it. It’s a super fun box though. My kid loves going through it with me and reading the labels and trying all the different candies from around the world. The value seems to always be there, but the novelty wore off after about the fourth month. 

Loot Crate and Arcade Block: LC is for my 11 year old kid and he loves it and begged me not to cancel. AB is for my 16 year old and he actually smiles at me once a month when it arrives – so that makes it worth it alone.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style: I jumped on the yearly offer when this box first became available. I will get four boxes. I think that will be just plenty

There. That’s all them and damn, it’s still a mighty lot of subs…..but I love these and they bring me joy and quality stuff I use, so they are worth my money to me. They make me, and my kids and dogs, happy and, with the right promo codes, they are the right price. So they get to stay – and the rest can sashay away…..

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Julep Mystery Box


$24.99 for guaranteed glitter – if that’s how you like it…

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Eva Scrivo Quarterly Co Box

Well, the best thing about Quarterly is that if you don’t like a box – or if you despise a box – you can email them and they will send you back a return label to stick on the box and send the whole thing back for a full refund.

Aaaaaand that is what I am doing with this box. Maybe some people loved this box. Maybe it appealed right to them. I can promise that anyone who loves the color gold and has fine, thin hair would adore this box. That is the exact opposite of me.

I got the Scrivo box because she was touted by Quarterly as some fancy, cool, expert hairstylist to the Stars and she would send a box of products that would help me learn new tips and tricks for making my mess of hair look awesome. She didn’t get that memo I guess because she sent me a box of worthless gold stuff that will do absolutely nothing for me or my screwed up hair.

Here it is:



What’s in it:

Leather Gold Metallic Headband: designed and marketed by Eva Scrivo


Eva says everyone looks good in a headband. That might be true – if you had a headband that fit your head and was a color you didn’t despise. This one does not look good on me. It also came in two sizes: S/M and M/L. So lucky you if your head is “medium” sized, because this headband would apparently fit you no matter what size head you have. I got the M/L and that’s ok, because I have a really large head. Guess what? This bad boy is too big for even my fat head. So I am guessing that everyone who got this box and got the M/L did not fit in this band – unless they really have a decisively oversized head.

I wouldn’t dare bore you with a picture of me wearing it, so here’s a shot of my buddy, Otis, trying it out:


It’s not even flattering on him. They don’t include prices on these items, but on her website it says that they expect people to pay $69 for these. Nope, not happening. I don’t know in what alternate universe people pay that much for a freaking headband – but I wish I lived there.

2: A hairbrush designed for teasing or “back-brushing” hair.

I have really super thick, frizzy hair. I don’t need to back comb or brush or tease it for volume. It has all the volume it needs all by itself. This would never get used.


3: Kèrastase Volume in Powder spray


A bottle of hairspray. Super fancy hairspray, but hairspray. I don’t use hairspray ever. Maybe once every two years for Updo’s, but that’s it. So I would never use this. I guess people with fine, thin hair would like this – but I thought the point of these boxes was to try to appeal to as many people as possible?

4: Obliphica Seaberry Serum


This is a little bottle of smoothing serum for “Fine to Medium” hair. Another loss for me.

5: Morgan Taylor nail polish


It’s Gold. It’s a filler item. Won’t use it.

6: Armour lip gloss in “Stardust”


So “Stardust” means gold. More gold.

And that’s it. Five products for $100. No way? Oh, there were some cards detailing how to do the “Perfect Ponytail”, how to “Pre-dry” your hair, how to wear the super large gold headband and a recipe for an “Autumn Salad”. All things you can easily get from a basic Google search.

So, the question is always: “Would I pay $100 for the contents of this box if I knew what they were ahead of time?” The answer is a great, big, fat NO. No way. This box is just not even close to being worth $100. I don’t care that they self valued the headband at $69. It still doesn’t make it close to worth that kind of money. This box is a huge disappointment. I really thought it was going to be a big hit too. I thought Eva was going to impart more of her wisdom and knowledge about style for all types of hair; and that she would include products that would help us all achieve model locks. It didn’t happen. So the box goes back. Bummer – but there is consolation in knowing that the Nina Garcia box is headed my way!

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Glossybox Mystery Box

Well this never happens: Glossybox is offering up past boxes as “Mystery Boxes”.

In real terms = they have old boxes sitting in the warehouse and they are selling them at a sale price to you.

Glossyboxes are normally $25 to buy one, including shipping. Right now, you can buy the old boxes for $15 each, including shipping.

They say that if you order more than one, you won’t get duplicate boxes; but the website wouldn’t let me order more than one at a time, so I had to place four separate orders. To be safe, I took a screen shot of my order numbers and then emailed Glossybox and gave them my order numbers so that I could be positive I wouldn’t get duplicate boxes. Unless they want to send me four of the Bergdorf Goodman collaboration box – I will take twenty of those!

This is a fantastic deal, and I urge all of you to jump on it, especially if you have never tried GB before – this is the perfect way to give them a try before making the commitment to a subscription.

If you do try them, love them and decide to subscribe, please shoot me an email at: so I can send you my referral link, as well as their latest promo codes. GB always has a promo of some type going on, and usually several different ones at once. So I will send you all the codes I know, and you can take your pick.

Hey – I love GB so much that I actually have a double subscription….I get two Glossyboxes every month. I am ill….it’s an addiction, but such a beautiful one!


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Mugler Addict

What is it: A quarterly box of samples and neat items from Thierry Mugler perfumes.

Cost: $50 for the year. Which is four boxes. So $12.50 a box.

I feel like I have been waiting for this box for forever. I waited so long I forgot all about it, so it gave me the happie’s when it showed up yesterday.

I am not a perfume person. Never have been. I don’t make it a habit to wear it daily. Usually, I just like the smell of soap, or whatever lotion I put on from whatever sub box. I have a ton of lotions from different sub boxes – the best one I ever got was from the old Sample Society mystery boxes = Ahava Pineapple and White Peach. I waited for a promo and got that stuff in the big bottle and the bath/shower gel. It’s heavenly.

Back to this box. I saw where someone else had gotten this and thought: “Hey, I’m getting older, let’s try the perfume thing”. So this review is from a total beginner. I don’t know about “overtones” and “bottom notes” and all that stuff. I just know if it smells great or not.
This is my second Muller box. In the first one they included a sample vial of the greatest perfume I have ever smelled in my life = Angel de Sucre, which is a sweeter, softer version of their cult favorite Angel. It’s also a limited edition. Go figure. The only place I could find it was the Mugler website and I bought the large bottle right away and use it constantly. So that’s what this sub has done for me; it helped me find my new “signature scent”. And let me tell you, I get SO many compliments on how I smell when I wear it.

So what’s in this box? Check it out:

1: Angel Perfuming Hand Cream 1oz

This is a fantastic hand cream. You can tell it’s made with some seriously sophisticated products. It goes on smooth and soaks in quickly and the scent is just enough. It’s softening too. It’s so nice that I want to keep it and never use it because it’s so special. I love it.

2: Alien Essence Absolute Eau De Parfum


One thing Mugler does right is incredible packaging. Even though this is just a little .2 oz sample, the bottle is like a little work of art – and it’s glass. Amazingly cute. I like the smell of Alien a lot. I don’t love it like Angel Sucre – but I wear it every now and then to switch it up. It’s lovely and more masculine/woodsy than Angel.

3: Alien Amethyst Nail Polish:


This is going on my nails at the next manicure. It’s almost a full sized bottle, and as you can see, it’s a deep, beautiful fall purple. I am really tired of getting nail polish in sub boxes, but this one actually looks and seems really fancy and the color is interesting. So it can stay.

Update: I took off my brand new manicure and painted my nails myself with this polish. I am terrible at doing my own nails, but I have to rave about this polish. It is possibly the smoothest, easiest to apply polish I have ever used. It only took two light coats to get a completely full, deep, rich coverage. With a top coat it is almost reflective. I don’t care about nail polishes. Like, at all. The last topic I would ever want to talk to you about is probably ringworm, followed by nail polish – but this stuff is fantastic. Love.


4: Mugler Le Exceptions Perfume Samples


How pretty is that? Even five perfume samples are put together and packaged in such a beautiful way. I don’t know if these are a new line of fragrances they are testing, or if they are older or what. I don’t care, I love them. I am going to try a new one every few days and see if maybe I find another “signature scent”? I already tried one = the Oriental Express, and it is not the scent for me. It’s too strong and reminded me of a much more mature woman’s scent. I actually had to wash it off because it was really too strong. I do not like perfume to begin with, let alone one that’s so strong people talk about you. You become “that lady”; the stinky lady. Nope. Not for me. I won’t hold that against the other ones though, and will give them all a fair turn.

So four items. The last Mugler box had six, but they weren’t as nice as these. Did I get my money’s worth? You bet. If someone just offered me this box for $12.50 I would buy it in a heartbeat. If you want to try and get this one too – I don’t know if you will or if you will get the next one – go to the website, look down at the bottom of the fancy, rich people looking display and you will see a little spot to check to become a “Mugler Addict”. They don’t advertise it well – so it’s hard to find. I imagine serious, die hard perfume addicts already know what’s up though.

Happy shopping!

Here are pictures of the box and info card:




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