Thirty Days of Candy Review 

Man oh man, I think I just got the best mail ever today! 

I heard about this fairly new subscription box and decided to just give it a try. Why not right? They send candy – how could that go wrong?

So this one works like this: you can do the monthly subscription and they will bill you $29.95 every month and then they will send you a big box of thirty individually packaged bags of candy centered around a different theme each month. Or, you can buy a one time box and it will always be the same theme = “Around the World in 30 Sweets”. 

Even thought you can cancel at anytime, I thought I would play it safe and just order the one time box – knowing full well that I would end up subscribing monthly because I am a candy freak. I love candy. All candy. Any candy. Sugar. Just send me the sugar. I figured I couldn’t lose with this one. 

So what does it look like? 

It came so beautifully wrapped! This would make the most amazing gift. Seriously. If someone got me this as a gift I would freak out. Now you people know what you will be getting from me on your next birthday.

Look at how each bag has the countries flag on the top. Really awesome. Just ridiculously cool packaging. Each bag has a couple of pieces of candies in it, plus a description of the candy with a calorie count and trivia, and a cute little card on the backside with a quote of proverb from a famous person from that country. It’s pretty outstanding. I’m pretty sure if I added up the cost of just the candy, it would be far less than thirty bucks, but the packaging and the whole presentation just makes it well worth the money. 

So some of these candies are typical ones we have all heard of, like Pez (Austria – who knew that?), Sixlets (Canada!?!) and Bit O Honey = the U.S. Choice – out of all the choices they pick Bit O Honey? Sorry, but if I was visiting friends in another country and wanted to bring them candy from America, I would never even think of Bit O Honey. I would go with something like Sprees (my favorite) or Nerds (my other favorite) or Jolly Ranchers (the soft ones are unreal good) – I could go on and on….what candy screams “America” to you? 

The majority of these though I have never seen or heard of. I love that. I love that my kids and I are able to learn a bit about each country, while getting our sugar high on too. Sweeeet! 

Here’s what a couple of them look like: 

I love Hi Chews! I can get them at my local grocery store. You should try them = they’re outstanding.  I also came unglued when I saw the White Rabbits from China. A co-worker gave me a few bags of these back before the Internet was a thing and I have thought about them over the years, but forgot what they were called. Now I just went and looked on Amazon and I can get six bags for $13.50!  Sweeeet! 
Here’s what a couple of the little sayings on the packages look like = I need to find a creative way to display these. Anybody got any ideas? 

I love this box. I love that I learned some trivia, I have these cute little cards to work with and I have a giant box of crazy candies to try. Next months theme is going to be “Thirty Candies with Delicious, Albeit Unusual, Flavors”. I’m all over that Yes! 

Picky Details: everybody who orders will automatically get this same box that I got (maybe that’s why it’s Bit O Honey = because they had to pick candy that wouldn’t go bad or something)?.  If you want to skip this box, then there is a section where you subscribe that you can check a box saying you already got the first box and want to pick up your subscription with the next box. Also, there is no discount for subbing to multiple months in advance, there is no referral discount, shipping is $5.95 and you can cancel anytime, any month as long as you do it before they charge your card for the next month.

Crazy Flavors here I come!


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