Quick! Grab a Relish Mystery Box now!

Relish is having a discount on their Mystery Boxes for only the next 24 hours. You can get a small, medium or large box in clothing sizes XS – XL. I strongly urge you to get the large box – it is beyond worth the money. Go! Run over there and get one!


Code: MSARemix20


About Buffaloney84

I am a mom, lawyer, friend and all around goofball. I am one pet away from being put on an episode of Animal Hoarders. In my spare time (hahaha spare time!), I ride horses and compete in Show Jumping. I am an all in soccer and baseball mom and I have been caught yelling obnoxiously at a Ref and/or Umpire (sorrynotsorry). I am a true Tomboy so all this beauty and makeup stuff is new for me, but I have no fear in trying new trends and fads. I also have no fear in giving a completely honest, critical, unbiased opinion on anything and everything - just ask me!
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One Response to  Quick! Grab a Relish Mystery Box now!

  1. Jessica says:

    I love your reveals. Thanks for being so candid about them. I will look into this box after having read this.


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