Review of Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess 

Ok, this one is a little different because it’s not fashion or makeup related (WHAT)!! Yeah, I found a really cool box that I think a ton of women out there would love, so men take note – THIS WOULD MAKE AN AMAZING GIFT!

What it is: a monthly delivery of greeting cards with some extras thrown in. Run by two sisters who also have a blog full of creative, interesting decorating and style ideas.

Cost: $20 a single month, $18 a month for a 6 month commitment and $15 a month for a 12 months commitment.

What they send: so every month you are going to get at least $50 of stationary that is all handmade by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess just for this Sub Box.

I love cards. I love little notes. I love to send cards to my family and friends and I love to leave little notes around the house for the kids. I like to stick cards in the kids bags or – in the case of my cranky teen son – on his bathroom counter so I at least know he has brushed his teeth and noticed it. I love the ones that are interactive and ask questions they have to respond to, because my kid always responds and that makes me super happy because sometimes that’s the most communication I can get out of him in a week. 

So this subscription was a no brainer for me. A bunch of greeting cards sent every month? Heck yeah! Bring it. I signed up for a twelve month commitment because you can’t get anywhere close to 8 greeting cards for $15 at Hallmark or Target. Not even close. Unless you buy those dumb .99 cent ones that look designed by me = no artistic quality period. No feels included. 

Ok, so I ordered this box on July 6. They send out all new months on the tenth of the month. So if you order now, they will send you July’s sub. I got June’s box sent to me first which is really cool. I love that they didn’t make me wait a whole month to get the latest box. They just sent me the previous months so I got it really fast. 

So what did I get? Check it:

Well look how beautifully it came packaged!

First up was a cute print on heavy card stock that will be framed and hung in my office. I’m betting this is a monthly thing and by the end of my year sub, I will have a wonderful wall of interesting, cool, frugal art.  

I put all items next to my Snickers bar so you get a good idea of the size.

Next are five fold up cards,with envelopes. These are all blank on the inside and the card quality is right up there with those $4 cards you get at Greeting Card stores. 


Can you guess who this one is going to?!

I also got three others that are flat, with room to write on the back, and also with envelopes:





And then there’s my favorite one of all:

I love anything horse!

So this one didn’t come with an envelope, which I’m pretty sure was an oversite on their part. I’m sure I have a zillion envelopes here at the house – it’s just a matter of finding one. The other problem that I will have with this, and all of these cards, is who to send them to? Not because they aren’t relevant, but because I love them all and I want to send them to everyone; which means I’m just going to hoard them until I make myself just let them go. 

There were also two cute extras in the package too: 

 The first is a page of sticker strips. Oh man, I’m a grown woman of two, yet my love of stickers has never waned. Never! I wish I still had my photo album full of stickers. Remember when that was a thing? I had the full Lisa Frank collection, tons of scratch and sniffs, the little Cathy Cartoon ones with the funny sayings, the Snoopy S.W.A.K. One, puffys, Garbage Pail Kids and this one: 

Not included in the box, just lodged in my memories of childhood!

Man, wouldn’t it be cool if these girls were able to do a month curated around 80’s sticker collection themes? 

Last item: 

So I can always use a notepad for anything and everything. The problem around this house though, is that I can never find a pen when I need one. I will probably bring this to the office and use I to leave a ton (well, really just 23 because that’s how many sheets there are) of annoying notes for my secretary, Amanda. She’ll be SO thrilled….

Ok, so 9 cards, 8 envelopes, 6 stickers, a print and a notepad – all for just $15.  This is a true winner of a subscription for me. 

Wanna sign up? Head on over to the website at: and subscribe. 

They also have a scrapbook subscription that looks really cool, if you are into scrapbooking. I started one once…

Happy Mail is awesome! 


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  1. jumpyjess says:

    These cards are so lovely! :O I love the simplicety of the designs! Their happy mail sure looks like fun! 😀

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