The Zoe Report Box Of Style Review 

Man oh man oh man – hey all you other “Style Sub Boxes? Step on up and check out how you really do a subscription box right. Rachel Zoe and her style box team just schooled eveyone out there on how you rock the box! 

What it is: a quarterly box of “fashion, beauty and lifestyle items you’ll be obsessed with”

Cost: $100 a box or $350 for a full year (4 boxes). 

This is the second box and it’s sold out – sorry. If you subscribe today your first box will be the September box, and that’s ok -because these boxes are simply crushing it. Y’all need to get on this now. Let me show you why:

Every box includes what Rachel calls a “Hero Item”. I’m not really sure what that’s really supposed to mean, other than a kinda hokey way of saying it’s the one item in the box that it worth more than the cost of the box itself. The “Hero Item” (seriously, I fee goofy typing that) in the Spring box was a stunning, unreal gorgeous Gold Horseshoe shaped cuff that was selling online for $200. I don’t wear gold, so I was bummed about that one – except I figured out I could take it to a jeweler and have it rhodium plated and all is right with the world. 

The “Hero” of this box? A purse! I don’t really like purses. I have three that I actually use – and that’s over my whole entire life. Three purses. Well, now I have four. Because this bag is loving me!

The Cambridge Satchel Company White Leather Pushlock Handbag: value $150   

I am not gonna lie – I squealed like a crazy little girl when I unwrapped this pretty baby. Squealed. High pitched and everything. It’s amazing. It’s everything I love in a bag. The leather is so sleek and smooth you would almost think it was plastic. It’s very plain and it has silver hardware! Do you know how hard it is to find a beautiful, classy bag with silver hardware?  

The inside is even sleeker than the out:

I love this bag. It’s so easy and simple and stunning. Rachel has informed me, in the info booklet that comes with each box, that I can wear it with a T-shirt, jean shorts and gladiator sandals and then at night I can remove the cross-body strap, use it as a clutch and dress it up with a printed shirt and heels. Thanks Rach!  Truly, the color and style make it wearable with pretty much anything, anywhere. 


Item 2 is my favorite in the box, and probably my favorite thing I have ever gotten in a subscription box ever: The Mara Hoffman Sarong created exclusively for Box of Style: value $98 

Working it as a halter dress – an 11 year old took this pic for me, so excuse the snotty couture head pose there please.

Seriously? I am going to wear this everywhere until mid October. Everywhere. I am already trying to figure out how to wear it to court.


At the pool working a dress look.


Yeah, this thing makes me feel awesome enough to post a pic of me on the whole internet with no makeup!



If you fold it in half and tie one set of ends in a knot and slip it over your neck and pull your arms through somehow , you wind up with a vest. Probably better to just Google it!


Not a bad picture for a cell phone right?

Can you tell how much I love it already? If those two items alone had been the entire box, I would be all set and happy. But nope. Rachel gave us more:

3. Too Faced Bronzer: in “Sun Bunny”

  I love the dual shades so you can go lighter or darker on the bronze. Or swirl them both together and it works even better.

4: Too Faced: color drenched lip creme in “Spice Spice Baby”

I prefer more pinky and coral colors for summer, but this shade will probably work for almost any skin tone and hair color mix there is. So it’s a perfect color choice and I will wear it constantly – or really just until I lose it, which means about two weeks.

5: Nipple Covers:

Say what? Yeah, that’s what they are and they are brilliant and amazing and super useful.


It’s like this Rachel lady knows me! I need these bad because here, in the Georgia heat, almost all my clothing is super lightweight and, sometimes, exceptionally sheer. These little bad boys stick right onto your body and they are soft and smooshy and they keep everything covered. Perfect for some of my beautiful maxi dresses that I don’t want to wear a full bra with and a bandaue gets annoying or interferes with the look of the dress. Here’s a perfect example:  

This dress is crochet all on the top. There is no nipple coverage except for a few pieces of strategically placed crochet material. One wrong move and out pops a nip! Those covers will keep all the good stuff contained, content and comfortable. Perfect.

6: a fancy, expensive looking face exfoliator.

O. R. G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face 

No matter what I do, these pictures still upload sideways. Sorry about it, but you get the idea right? You can see that it’s a beautifully packaged face care product in a glass bottle. Perfect for using for yourself or giving as a gift. 

Rachel has this listed as $44, and I’m sure somebody is paying that much for it somewhere. But Amazon Prime has it for $27.52. Who care though? This is not a product I would have ever bought for myself. So I love being able to try it. If it works, I’ll go with the Amazon price and buy more. I don’t feel cheated or anything like I would with some boxes out there, because we will always be able to find beauty products for cheaper through a good search and the rest of this box was worth way more than what I paid anyway. So I’m totally cool with the price drop. 

As for the product? I’ve tried it twice. It reminds me a lot of the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial except even faster. You spray it on, let it absorb for three seconds (how do they come up with these times? Like, how did they decide three seconds was the exact amount of time this product required to soak in my skin for maximum benefit)? Then you rub it around and it feels like all of your skin is rubbing off with it. Rinse and you have wonderfully exfoliated, new skin. Don’t forget to add sunscreen or night cream after! I will keep using this and see how it turns out. 

 Ok, so six items. All individually wrapped in black tissue paper and presented in a gorgeous box. Perfect for gift giving. I bought the full year, so this box cost me $87.50. Worth it. Beyond worth it. The sarong alone is going to get $87.50 worth of wear out of it. 

We got jewelry in the Spring box. A purse in the Summer. What can she possibly be thinking of putting in the Fall box?  Any guesses? I’m placing my bet now that it’s a cashmere blend sweater. Just my guess. What’s yours? 


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