RocksBox Review And First Month Free!

So this is my newest subscription. I just signed up last Thursday and yesterday I got my first box. Holy wow that fast! So let’s talk about what this is. RocksBox is basically Netflix for jewelry. You pay $19.95 a month, fill out a style profile, add some jewelry picks to your “wish list” and then RocksBox puts together a cute little box of three jewelry items and sends it to you. You keep the items as long as you want – I’m not quite sure how long that means until they just charge you for it, but I better find out because let me tell you, I have SO many Redbox and Netflix movies that I now own because I forgot to return them.  They send you a return label. When you are finished wearing your three pieces, you send them back and they send you three more pieces. Turn over time is fast as a cat, so you could possibly wear new jewelry every week, if not faster. 

Wish list:  On the RocksBox website they have a wish list of all the jewelry items they carry. You can pick the items you like and add them to your “wish list”. RocksBox suggests that you keep 15 items on your wishlist at all times. If you do that, they promise to send you at least one of your wishlist items each shipment. They have a lot of jewelry from a lot of really nice brands. We aren’t talking Tiffany or Cartier here – but nice, quality designers like Kendra Scott, Gorgana  and House of Harlow. Scroll through everything, or sort by just necklaces or earrings – you get the picture. You can also add items to your wishlist by checking RocksBox Instagram page and, if you like and item you see, just commenting under the picture with the word “wishlist”. Make sure you add your Instagram name on your profile, and somehow, they can add those items to your wishlist. I am going to try this out and let you know if it works – because I have requested a bazillion things I’ve seen on the Stitch Fix Instagram page – and haven’t gotten a single thing yet. Have any of you? 

What happens nex?

They send you the items. You wear them and return them, then get three more sent out forever until you cancel. But what happens if you fall totally in love with an item and want to keep it? Well guess what?  That can happen and it’s super easy. They send an information sheet listing the items, designers and price. If you love the item, you keep it and they charge your card. They also make it more enticing by giving you a ten dollar credit each month to spend on any, or all, of your items – or any of the jewelry for sale on the site.

So what did I get?

First look:




This is perfect for me because I don’t like to buy jewelry. I really don’t like to buy big, statement jewelry. If I buy jewelry, it is always the same thing = delicate silver necklaces. I don’t buy rings because I don’t usually think to wear them. I don’t buy earrings because my ears are gauged (Google it!). I want to try big, bold, colorful necklaces and rings. I want them to send me giant, rich lady looking, cocktail rings that make people think I’m fancier than I really am (cuz I ain’t fancy for sure). I want to try it. But. Guess what I added to my wishlist? A delicate silver necklace. Guess what they sent me?

1) Gorjana Greer V-neck Necklace in Rhodium

Of course I want to buy this. I love this.


It’s retail value – according to RocksBox – is $65. The “Insiders Price” (which to me means “the used jewelry price”) is $52. So if I used my $10 monthly coupon, I would pay $42 and it would be mine forever and ever – or until I break it…..which is likely to happen quickly because I am a klutz and I don’t know how to properly store necklaces. 

This is beautiful and can be casual – or you can do what I did and dress it up for a sexy night out and make it pretty much a giant, neon, blinking arrow pointing men right down into your bewbz. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – just don’t complain afterwards that no guy you talked to would make eye contact….

“Hey! My eyes are up here”!  Lol. Yeah, this is a great necklace. I have no where to go, but I’m gonna have to find a place right?  

2) Jill Michael Bar Pendant Necklace in Silver

Surprise, another delicate silver necklace. Exactly what I love – and exactly what I was trying to step away from. This one can be worn shorter, or longer length:

It’s nice. It’s simple. It’s pretty. I want it. I have about ten like it. The “Retail” is $48 “Insider” is $38 and, if I used my $10, it’s only $28. I’m sending it back, but I wouldn’t mind keeping it. 

3) Wanderlust + Co Wave Double Crystal Silver Ring 


I want this. It barely fits my finger. On your profile, you list all of your ring sizes. The card doesn’t show me what size this is though.  So I guess my fingers are thicker than I thought? No, the real problem is I have giant, swollen knuckles that look like I was a Golden Glove Boxer…..anyone else have this problem?  I like adjustable rings best for this reason. 

This is really stunning in person. It’s just not that giant, ladies who lunch, ring I was looking for. 

“Retail”- $49. “Insider” -$39 

The problem I’m going to have is how to spend my $10 coupon. I need to research and get some questions asked. Like, if I return all of these, get three new items and then decide I want that “cleavage loving necklace” – can I still buy it and use my $10?  I’m gonna try it and let Y’all know. 



My opinion: this is going to be fun. I obviously need to redo my wishlist. I can see me having a hard time keeping these items from breaking and from not losing them. If they send me larger pieces, that might not be such a problem. I love that I will be able to wear all kinds of jewelry, and not pay the money to keep it all. For $20 a month, I can reasonably get and wear probably 12 pieces of jewelry. I will look more fashionable and I will save money doing it. I really like this subscription!

If you want to give this service a try, go to the website and please use my Promo code (Staceybff104) to get your first month free! Yay free! Plus, I get $25 credit for every one of you that tries this using my code. That’s awesome. Give it a try – what do you have to lose – except your money when you fall in love with all of it and buy, buy,buy!


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