Review of new mystery box: Relish Clothing is here!  And I’ve got a promo code for you….

Ok Ladies! There is a new mystery clothing box on the scene and it is coming out swinging like Floyd Mayweather (well he kinda ducks and weaves – but you get the point).

Name: Relish Mystery Box 


Details: Pick one of three size boxes: the small will generally have 4 or 5 items in it, the medium will generally have 6 to 8 and the large, 9 or 10.  These can be all clothing, or a mix of some accessories too. 

Price: small = $99 with a guaranteed retail value of at least $300. Medium = $149 with a retail of at least $500. Large = $199 with a retail of at least $700.

You know what’s different about this box? They go out of their way to find XS and XL sizes. I think, if you check with them, they may even do 1XL. So finally, women with some curves are able to join in the fun!  

They also have a trading page on Facebook: Relish Clothing Trading Page. So if you get an item that doesn’t work for you, you can list it there and sell or trade it. You can also buy others listed items too. Awesome!

So let’s get to a reveal or two right?

I ordered a medium mystery box and it arrived within a week. That’s probably the fastest turn around time I have ever seen for a clothing box. When you order, there is a drop down box for you to list “all the things you relish”. I can’t remember what all I put, but I know I said that I am very petite, I need XS sizes, I love boho but not flower print, no cardigans and I need clothing that is wearable in this ridiculous Georgia hear. Basically, help me look cute with clothes that won’t melt to my body. So what did she deliver?  Let’s see:

1) Michelle USA raw edged grey shirt  


Do I love this shirt? Holy wow yes I do! It’s so lightweight. It’s so breathable. It’s SO soft. I want to sleep in it. I want to wear it while eating Cheetos and binge watching the ID channel. Yet, I also want to get it dressed up and take it to the club like this:


Or dress it up for lunch with the girls like this:

Or just be chill heading to the pool like this:

A zillion ways to style this shirt – and I’m gonna have fun trying them all. 

Item 2: Skies Are Blue shirt 

Another lightweight so cozy shirt I want to use as a pillowcase when I’m not rocking it out like this:

Or maybe going to one of the four hundred country music festivals or fairs around here – just missing my Red Solo Cup in this one:

Yeehaw Y’all. Check out my amazing Frye boots too!  Perfect match. 

But, the blue tones in the shirt also allow me to match it with my light blue silk pants for the most comfortable outfit ever created:

Item 3: Skies Are Blue XS top

Another winner. Lightweight again, but this one has cute details and design and it’s just as quality as the others. Perfect for just running errands around town:  

Check out the cute details:


You know the trick for how to make a regular bra work with a racer back top right? Just use a paper clip and put the straps through it and wham! Racer back bra. Don’t forget to loosen the straps a little bit though, or it will hurt the end of the day.

How bout my Patriotic look?

Man I am loving this box so much!

4) Skies are Blue XS

I guess this is the brand of the summer huh? Plus, SAB comes in XS, where most brands don’t carry XS. I love Stitch Fix – but they always send me SAB tops too – and they want $55 or so for each one. So I think I’m getting a deal right?   

I was worried I would have to wear a cami under this one, but I don’t. It’s lightweight and looks slightly sheer, but it isn’t see through. I can dress it down like I did above. Or wear it to court with my suits:  

 Or Business Casual for client meetings:
Item 5) Ellison Shirt dress 

So. Much. Love.   

I tried it different ways, but I really liked it with the belt I got as item 6: 

Yeah, how cute is that belt? It ties in the back with little Pom Poms and I adore it.  

It even looks great with cobalt skinnies for colder weather. I am sad to say, however, that this may be the one item I will list on the trading board. It’s just a little too big for me. I want to keep it badly – but I need it to be three inches or so shorter in all areas, especially the back, for me to do that. Bummer, but I know I’ll pick up an item just as cute. 

Item 7) Well Hello Lover!

Yeah, so the brand is really “Esley” – but I don’t care about the brand. I care about how mother loving hot and gorgeous this dress is. Positively my new favorite dress I own: check it: 

Look at that pattern!  Look at those colors!  Look at the crochet! Man, I love this dress. 


The back is open and ties at the neck for that perfect fit. 

Ok Y’all, there it is. Is that not amazing or what?  Four tops, two dresses and a belt. I think that’s a WinnerWinnerChickenDinner!

Before I give you a promo code to give this bad boy a try for yourself, I asked one of the ladies on the Trading Board if she would mind if I used her photos to show you a few of the items Relish is sending to women who are XL. So here is the lovely Melissa and some her items: 

Tank top and Cardigan….

Beautiful bright blue embroidered maxi. 

Isn’t she stunning?

So here’s what all of you should do.  Head to, pick the mystery box of your choosing and clothing size, enter as detailed notes as you want about what you are looking for and then use the promotional code: Insidetheboxes10 for ten percent off your first order!  How cool is that? Are you getting one?  Please let me know what you think, if you are ordering and what you get when it gets to you.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you one last thing that was in my box for that extra kiss of sweetness: 

Perfection Relish, perfection!


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3 Responses to Review of new mystery box: Relish Clothing is here!  And I’ve got a promo code for you….

  1. Ricky Morris says:

    So I read this review and know that if Stacey is saying it’s the way to go then you can’t go wrong. I have seen Stacey’s many posts and her fashion sense is second to none. Do yourself a favor and jump on this now. You won’t be disappointed. Just the posts with the clothing Stacey is wearing are really nice outfits. Take it from a guy, those outfits are seriously Awesome and really perfect for the ways she has suggested or dressing to make your man say wow! You look great today. I especially like the way these clothes are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. The sequen skirt is my absolute favorite and would look great in any wardrobe. Check out what they have to offer From what I’ve seen here, it’s a win win for your wardrobe and for the lucky man taking you out dressed to kill.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mini2z says:

    Reblogged this on mini2z and commented:
    I love her style
    My girl crush you could say
    Totally different sub box
    Give her a follow fellow sub box addicts

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