Eva Scrivo Quarterly Co Box

Well, the best thing about Quarterly is that if you don’t like a box – or if you despise a box – you can email them and they will send you back a return label to stick on the box and send the whole thing back for a full refund.

Aaaaaand that is what I am doing with this box. Maybe some people loved this box. Maybe it appealed right to them. I can promise that anyone who loves the color gold and has fine, thin hair would adore this box. That is the exact opposite of me.

I got the Scrivo box because she was touted by Quarterly as some fancy, cool, expert hairstylist to the Stars and she would send a box of products that would help me learn new tips and tricks for making my mess of hair look awesome. She didn’t get that memo I guess because she sent me a box of worthless gold stuff that will do absolutely nothing for me or my screwed up hair.

Here it is:



What’s in it:

Leather Gold Metallic Headband: designed and marketed by Eva Scrivo


Eva says everyone looks good in a headband. That might be true – if you had a headband that fit your head and was a color you didn’t despise. This one does not look good on me. It also came in two sizes: S/M and M/L. So lucky you if your head is “medium” sized, because this headband would apparently fit you no matter what size head you have. I got the M/L and that’s ok, because I have a really large head. Guess what? This bad boy is too big for even my fat head. So I am guessing that everyone who got this box and got the M/L did not fit in this band – unless they really have a decisively oversized head.

I wouldn’t dare bore you with a picture of me wearing it, so here’s a shot of my buddy, Otis, trying it out:


It’s not even flattering on him. They don’t include prices on these items, but on her website it says that they expect people to pay $69 for these. Nope, not happening. I don’t know in what alternate universe people pay that much for a freaking headband – but I wish I lived there.

2: A hairbrush designed for teasing or “back-brushing” hair.

I have really super thick, frizzy hair. I don’t need to back comb or brush or tease it for volume. It has all the volume it needs all by itself. This would never get used.


3: Kèrastase Volume in Powder spray


A bottle of hairspray. Super fancy hairspray, but hairspray. I don’t use hairspray ever. Maybe once every two years for Updo’s, but that’s it. So I would never use this. I guess people with fine, thin hair would like this – but I thought the point of these boxes was to try to appeal to as many people as possible?

4: Obliphica Seaberry Serum


This is a little bottle of smoothing serum for “Fine to Medium” hair. Another loss for me.

5: Morgan Taylor nail polish


It’s Gold. It’s a filler item. Won’t use it.

6: Armour lip gloss in “Stardust”


So “Stardust” means gold. More gold.

And that’s it. Five products for $100. No way? Oh, there were some cards detailing how to do the “Perfect Ponytail”, how to “Pre-dry” your hair, how to wear the super large gold headband and a recipe for an “Autumn Salad”. All things you can easily get from a basic Google search.

So, the question is always: “Would I pay $100 for the contents of this box if I knew what they were ahead of time?” The answer is a great, big, fat NO. No way. This box is just not even close to being worth $100. I don’t care that they self valued the headband at $69. It still doesn’t make it close to worth that kind of money. This box is a huge disappointment. I really thought it was going to be a big hit too. I thought Eva was going to impart more of her wisdom and knowledge about style for all types of hair; and that she would include products that would help us all achieve model locks. It didn’t happen. So the box goes back. Bummer – but there is consolation in knowing that the Nina Garcia box is headed my way!


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  1. notedbeauty says:

    Hello, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations! x


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