Mugler Addict

What is it: A quarterly box of samples and neat items from Thierry Mugler perfumes.

Cost: $50 for the year. Which is four boxes. So $12.50 a box.

I feel like I have been waiting for this box for forever. I waited so long I forgot all about it, so it gave me the happie’s when it showed up yesterday.

I am not a perfume person. Never have been. I don’t make it a habit to wear it daily. Usually, I just like the smell of soap, or whatever lotion I put on from whatever sub box. I have a ton of lotions from different sub boxes – the best one I ever got was from the old Sample Society mystery boxes = Ahava Pineapple and White Peach. I waited for a promo and got that stuff in the big bottle and the bath/shower gel. It’s heavenly.

Back to this box. I saw where someone else had gotten this and thought: “Hey, I’m getting older, let’s try the perfume thing”. So this review is from a total beginner. I don’t know about “overtones” and “bottom notes” and all that stuff. I just know if it smells great or not.
This is my second Muller box. In the first one they included a sample vial of the greatest perfume I have ever smelled in my life = Angel de Sucre, which is a sweeter, softer version of their cult favorite Angel. It’s also a limited edition. Go figure. The only place I could find it was the Mugler website and I bought the large bottle right away and use it constantly. So that’s what this sub has done for me; it helped me find my new “signature scent”. And let me tell you, I get SO many compliments on how I smell when I wear it.

So what’s in this box? Check it out:

1: Angel Perfuming Hand Cream 1oz

This is a fantastic hand cream. You can tell it’s made with some seriously sophisticated products. It goes on smooth and soaks in quickly and the scent is just enough. It’s softening too. It’s so nice that I want to keep it and never use it because it’s so special. I love it.

2: Alien Essence Absolute Eau De Parfum


One thing Mugler does right is incredible packaging. Even though this is just a little .2 oz sample, the bottle is like a little work of art – and it’s glass. Amazingly cute. I like the smell of Alien a lot. I don’t love it like Angel Sucre – but I wear it every now and then to switch it up. It’s lovely and more masculine/woodsy than Angel.

3: Alien Amethyst Nail Polish:


This is going on my nails at the next manicure. It’s almost a full sized bottle, and as you can see, it’s a deep, beautiful fall purple. I am really tired of getting nail polish in sub boxes, but this one actually looks and seems really fancy and the color is interesting. So it can stay.

Update: I took off my brand new manicure and painted my nails myself with this polish. I am terrible at doing my own nails, but I have to rave about this polish. It is possibly the smoothest, easiest to apply polish I have ever used. It only took two light coats to get a completely full, deep, rich coverage. With a top coat it is almost reflective. I don’t care about nail polishes. Like, at all. The last topic I would ever want to talk to you about is probably ringworm, followed by nail polish – but this stuff is fantastic. Love.


4: Mugler Le Exceptions Perfume Samples


How pretty is that? Even five perfume samples are put together and packaged in such a beautiful way. I don’t know if these are a new line of fragrances they are testing, or if they are older or what. I don’t care, I love them. I am going to try a new one every few days and see if maybe I find another “signature scent”? I already tried one = the Oriental Express, and it is not the scent for me. It’s too strong and reminded me of a much more mature woman’s scent. I actually had to wash it off because it was really too strong. I do not like perfume to begin with, let alone one that’s so strong people talk about you. You become “that lady”; the stinky lady. Nope. Not for me. I won’t hold that against the other ones though, and will give them all a fair turn.

So four items. The last Mugler box had six, but they weren’t as nice as these. Did I get my money’s worth? You bet. If someone just offered me this box for $12.50 I would buy it in a heartbeat. If you want to try and get this one too – I don’t know if you will or if you will get the next one – go to the website, look down at the bottom of the fancy, rich people looking display and you will see a little spot to check to become a “Mugler Addict”. They don’t advertise it well – so it’s hard to find. I imagine serious, die hard perfume addicts already know what’s up though.

Happy shopping!

Here are pictures of the box and info card:





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