Allure Sample Society October


And the wheels have come off….

The last two months of SS have been awesome = jammed with full sized products that are premium quality and even that $80 plus eye cream and all that. Now we get the October box. Is it a bait and switch? I sure as hell hope not – because I was loving this box.


1: Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum


Nicely packaged, but the sample is small. I guess this is the high end product in the box – but when I do the math based on the sample size divided into the full size, this is about $12 worth of product. The real question though is: is the sample big enough to have a real test of whether it works or not? Unfortunately, I think the answer may be “no”, but I will try it and see.

2: Bond No.9 High Line Perfume Sample


This smells really good. It’s soft and woodsy. It is described, in part, in the info brochure that it is supposed to have a little hint of “the breeze coming off the Hudson River”. Ummmmm, that’s not necessarily a good thing – am I right NYC ladies?!
Also, the sample is only half full, or half empty depending on if you are an Eeyore or a Tigger:


3 and 4: L’Oreal Paris shampoo and conditioner samples.


Shampoo and Conditioner samples. Oh goody. I live for these! They, along with black eyeliner, are the absolute highlight of every single box I get. Ugh.

5: Emi-Jay Hair Ties:


Sarcasm aside, I really do love these. I can never get enough of them and I’m always, always losing them. So one black, one grey and one brown will fit into my lifestyle perfectly. The info card says these are $6.60. So I got some money’s worth.

6: Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara


Bobbi Brown is a quality company and I have never tried their products before. So, even though it’s another black mascara, I am happy to get to try it. I think it’s really interesting that it says on the package that this is a “10
Day Supply”. Huh. Bet I can make it last 12…

And that’s it. There it is. If this is the only box you subscribe to, then you didn’t have a great month this time around. The contents are still larger than Birchbox, but if you had shown me the contents ahead of time, I would not have paid the money for this box.

Ok, as I have typed this, the Bond perfume has dried down and I really like the scent. I know it must be the Bergamot that’s in it because Bergamot is one of my most favorite scents ever. It’s such a powerful, strong essential oil – and I love products that contain it. I might have to look into finding more of this one…


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I am a mom, lawyer, friend and all around goofball. I am one pet away from being put on an episode of Animal Hoarders. In my spare time (hahaha spare time!), I ride horses and compete in Show Jumping. I am an all in soccer and baseball mom and I have been caught yelling obnoxiously at a Ref and/or Umpire (sorrynotsorry). I am a true Tomboy so all this beauty and makeup stuff is new for me, but I have no fear in trying new trends and fads. I also have no fear in giving a completely honest, critical, unbiased opinion on anything and everything - just ask me!
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