Petbox – second try


Alright, I wrote a review about my September Petbox here:

My review was about how confusing Petbox is because they sent me items I had already gotten in previous boxes and random items, like cans of weird, off brand dog food. So I emailed customer service and I got s response back that they had some sort of “mix up” that caused me to get the same box twice so they were sending me a new box “to enjoy” and I could kindly keep the items from the mistake box.

1. They obviously didn’t read my email; because I didn’t get a repeat box = I got items that I have already gotten in my past four Petboxes.
2. They never addressed the issue of why they would send random cans or bags of dog food instead of treats and snacks. This is supposed to be a box of toys, treats and snacks for your pet, not a way to push or advertise new types of dog food. My dogs have been on the same type of food for their whole lives, why, or even how, could I change it after getting just one random can of food that I know I can’t get at my local grocery store.
3. While I appreciate them sending a new box, and offering to let me keep the old box, I would not have returned the first box without them sending a return slip anyway.
It was just a nice, but weird, response email.

Well now, what’s in the new box you ask? Guess what?! ITEMS I HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN IN PREVIOUS BOXES!

I’m not kidding.

First, here is the whole box:

1: Sadie’s Sweet Pawtato Chips


Got these in the other September box and hated them then and hate them now. There are only five little chips in the whole bag and my dogs refused to eat them. Waste.

2: Fishskins


We got this in the August box, but this one I don’t mind because my dogs love this thing. It’s basically a chunk of dehydrated Salmon skin. It looks disgusting and smells even worse, but my dogs die over it. I was able to take the one big piece and cut it into four pieces for them and they gobbled it right up – all over my bed. So I had to change the sheets and wash the blanket, and then vacuum, because little flakes of fish were everywhere. Gross right? The dogs really loved it though, so I tolerate.

3: Handmade Felt Toy


I didn’t get a good shot of this, because my dog claimed it, snatched it and ran with it and I haven’t seen it again since. For the two seconds I had it, I can tell you that I think it was a rubber ball with a felt covering tied at both ends around it. Not very quality and didn’t appear very durable. It had a homemade tag on it and seemed like some type of craft item my kid and I could make together for about $2

4: Barkplus Dog Waste Refill Bags


These are random REFILL poopy pick up bags. Except they forgot to send me the dispenser that goes with it?! So I just have 160 bags that are packed in rolls and I have no convenient way to use them. Thanks for that?

5: Lickety Stix treat for CATS


Ummmmmm what? I’m so totally confused. Why did they send me a cat treat in my DOG box. What the hell? This makes positively no sense at all. Who told them I had a cat? Who told them I wanted to buy a treat for my cat? I do happen to have a cat, Phil. But my cat’s an asshole and he has no time for lickety stix nonsense. For the few minutes in the month that Phil chooses to come in the house and be a part of our family, I can’t get him near this thing. So I asked my kid to give it a try instead – he’s an awesome sport and thought it was funny. I will have to figure out how to upload the video here so Y’all can see it. I think he had pretty much the same reaction Phil would have…

There it is for September box 2 = 5 items, two of which my dogs liked. Did I get my money’s worth on this “free” box? Nope. Have I pretty much given up on Petbox? Yup. The only problem is that I am stuck with them for a year because I bought the promo subscription that was supposed to be the same as regular subscribers, but the invoice sheet that comes with the box always says “deal” or “promo” asp I don’t think I’m getting the same value or curation as the full price paying subscribers, and that makes me mad.

If you are interested after that review in still trying Petbox, my referral code is:

Good luck!


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