Glossybox September

Glossybox ships late. You have to be able to deal with that. Some people can’t – just check their Facebook page and you will see. People get really mad about this box and I can understand why because sometimes you don’t get your Glossybox until the next month – yet they have taken your money at the beginning of the month. Not cool.
They keep promising this is an issue with them changing warehouses, but it’s been going on for six months or so, so I’m not buying that excuse. I just accept and know that my Glossybox will come really late in the month and get over it.
Their customer service is pretty good. Not as good as Birchbox, but then, who’s is? They used to have a really rude person running their Facebook page, but I think she’s gone now because it’s a much nicer page to visit.

Ok – the items. This month was a collaborative Box with Harpers Bazaar, which, in case you didn’t know, is a high end Women’s Fashion Magazine that features a lot of expensive stuff I don’t want to afford. Have you ever looked at one of their magazines? I checked one out the other day and the “Letter from the Editor” was on page 220. Seriously? The first 220 pages were all ads.
Well the fancy rich folks at HB put together a little box of fancy stuff for GB and honestly, I thought it was going to be a bit fancier. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the box a lot, but it just didn’t scream “Look how rich and expensive I am”!

Whole Box:


1: Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara:
– I already own the full size of this, so a sample will work to keep in my car because mascara is the one and only thing I cannot leave my house without wearing. This is a great mascara. It gives decent coverage and color – it’s a perfect daily use type.
Here are before and after pictures:

Before mascara



2: Essie Nail Polish in a pink color
This is full sized = $8.50. I am really completely over getting nail polish in sub boxes. Unless it’s some really cool new type or effect, then they just feel like a filler item to me. Especially this one in light, bright pink at the end of summer.


Essie is a nice brand. You can buy it at Target – so that doesn’t seem too Bazaars’ worthy…but then, Essie seems to be on a major ad campaign lately so maybe that’s how it got itself in the box. I’m just “eh” about it.

3: Bulgari Light Hair Conditioner
At first I thought this was hand lotion and threw it in my bag to use. Oops. It’s for your hair but you can’t tell unless you look really close at the bottle. Why would they put a random bottle of hair conditioner in the box? It’s weird, but I’m gonna try it because it smells heavenly. It smells rich and fancy. It still doesn’t make sense why it’s in there – especially since Glossybox had conditioner AND shampoo in the last box – but ok I’ll give it a go.

4: Vichy Night Cream


This is some fancy stuff. I have an already established face regime that I stick pretty closely too – but this feels good so I will keep using this. It’s thick and rich, but melts nicely on your face. It’s pretty expensive too – more what I expect when I hear “Harpers Bazaar”. I will keep this and substitute it in for a few weeks to see if I see any difference. The sample is definitely big enough to use for a few weeks – if not months.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Authentic:


I already have about six of these lip tars, but none in a metallic shade. So this was interesting to try. I think it was a mistake to pick this color to put in the box because this is not a very flattering shade. It is not the shade for me. I’m not quite sure I know who this shade would work for. It’s incredibly “coppery” colored. The other Tars that I have aren’t metallic and they are much more flattering and would have been a far better way to get people interested in the brand. As it is, I’m afraid a lot of people will try this and then decide to never try these things again – because they are expensive and they are different. But the cool thing about these tars though is that you can mix them with other colors to get a color you like. Tip: you have to shake these and squeeze them around in the tube before using them or it will come out all watery and not blend well – also, use the smallest amount to start and build up color or you will really quickly end up with a goopy mouth – and that stuff is pretty hard to get off once it sets in. I was really hoping I had gotten the other color option for this box – “Black Dahlia” – because it is a tar you use to darken the color of whatever lipstick you use; and that just seems fun to experiment with to me.

Here are some before and after:



Did I get my money’s worth? Yeah I think so. This isn’t the most exciting box I’ve ever gotten from GB – I think it would have been different if I had never tried the Mascara or Lip Tar before and then I could have the excitement of trying a new, weird product like the lip tar. I think the night cream is a huge score and the hair conditioner is random, but a large size and smells awesome.

I have a yearly sub to this box, so I think I paid around $16.50 for this box – and yeah, that’s a win for me.

I am unable to copy and paste my referral link to GB – but if you are interested in ordering, send me a message and I will get you the referral link and a promo code too.


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