ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Modcloth is an online clothing boutique that sells some really interesting clothing, shoes and accessories. They have a lot of “retro, indie and Vintage-inspired” style items – so if you are going for that Mad Men 50’s and 60’s look – this is the place to start.
I will be honest and say I really had no idea what this Stylish Surprise is and can’t tell you too much definite detail. Maybe some of my readers can help by telling us how often these sales occur and how do we get notified in advance about them? I have emailed Modcloth customer service and will update this post when I know more.
Basically, though, this is a mystery “flash sale” in different categories. I know they have a “shoes” and a “dresses” sale – and I am fairly sure they have a “tops” sale as well.

One of the awesome ladies on a Facebook Fashion Group I am a member of (I know that sounds superficial but I don’t care – the board is full of really cool, non fashion snobby, super funny ladies and I have had a ton of laughs with them) posted that the Modcloth Stylish Surprise had started and she gave the link to the dresses (shoes already sold out in minutes) and since there was a web link, I was helpless. I had to click it and then I had to give it a try – BECAUSE – they were selling dresses for $10! No joke, you hit your size button and grabbed however many they had left for ten bucks each – plus $4 shipping. I don’t even care at that point, I bought two just for the sheer fun of it. You have no idea what you are getting. None.

Here is the description from the website:
“For just $10 you might get anything from a classic A-line or a sleek sheath, to a fun fit and flare or a marvelous maxi. There’s a beautiful bevy of mystery items with retail values from $29.99 to $299.99…”

Here’s what the sale looks like:

So they offer sized from XXS to 4x and XXXL. I was cautious and grabbed just two – but I wish I had gotten five or six just for the fun of the surprise. I love surprises – it’s why I am so addicted to Golden Tote (the greatest surprise clothing shopping experience ever – check my past posts for info on GT) and all these subscription boxes. I love surprises! I would have bought ten pairs of the shoes too if they had t already been sold out.
I just jumped on this thing without knowing what I was doing, and now I have learned a few basic things – when it comes back around and you want to jump on this deal too, be aware that some women who ordered severs dresses got multiples of the exact same dress. That’s not cool. I don’t know why they can’t prevent that from happening – maybe they just have hundreds of that one dress in only that size? I don’t know – but be prepared for the possibility of getting the exact same dress, or three.
Also, some of the “Stylish” surprises are anything but, at least in my opinion. In fact, some of them are downright hysterical. Like check out these shoes my Facebook friend, Nicole, got:


Those shoes are so amazingly weird that I want them BAD!

I am begging my readers who got any of these surprises to please, please share your photos, or a link to your photos, here. I saw a post on Reddit – that of course I can’t find now – where some poor girl got a wedding dress. Like, a for real long, white, lace train, Wedding March song, wedding dress.
I did manage to save one of the pictures she posted of it though:

For fun, here is the link to the Reddit Stylish Surprise thread and you could get completely lost looking at everything everyone got.

So what did I get?

Dress 1: Myrtlewood of California Dress


Uhhhh – LOVE IT! A Peter Pan Collar, mid length sleeves and slim fit = conservative 50’s office sexy realness. I plan to wear this with glasses, my patent high heel Mary Janes and my hair in a bun with a little pencil stuck in it. Yes Ma’am! (Whisper talk: “Happy Birthday Mr. President”).
I totally feel like I need to carry around a rotary dial telephone when I put this on. Look at how teeny tiny I look from the back:


^^^ and that was with a long sleeve shirt underneath. This dress is fantastic. It even matched my current, goofy manicure – that is supposed to last at least a week but I snapped two off trying to get out of this dress:


Yeah, so that’s the only drawback – the dress is slim fitting. It’s very well made – but it’s snug. I need help to get it off or I could get stuck in it, but that’s what makes it so damn flattering. This was an epic win.

Update: Someone on the Modcloth trading page identified this dress for me and it was originally sold on the site for $109.99! Here’s the link. Wowza – I got lucky!

Dress 2: The Style London dress

I nicknamed this the “Blanche” dress because if I added some off white pantyhose and sensible shoes and I would look ready for the set of Golden Girls:


It’s cute in the back:


I thought I hated it at first, but after some really quick styling – so I could get the neighbor to take a picture before she headed to school – it kind of bloomed on me (see what I did there?):


I usually don’t like any clothing at all that is flower print, but this dress would be really cute for a Sunday Brunch or even a summer wedding. That’s the problem with it too though = it’s a Spring/Summer dress. However, IT WAS TEN DOLLARS! So I can hang it in the back of my closet with all the other discount/deal dresses I have and never wear it, or I can try and sell or trade it. Either way, I think it’s a very well made dress and, while it may not be my style, I think this dress would appeal to a lot of women. Plus it’s not hideous or ridiculous like some of the dresses sent out, and it’s not a wedding dress! Though I kind of wish I had gotten a wedding dress just to play around in. So if any of Y’all XS girls out there got a wedding dress, and would rather have a cute little flowered dress, please let me know and let’s make a sweet trade!

So for $24 did I get my money’s worth? Well heck yeah I did! That black dress alone is worth way more to me than $24, and the flower dress isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was when I first got it out of the box – in fact, I actually quite like it.

From what I understand there were a lot of unhappy women with this sale because ModCloth didn’t do a great job sending out notice of the sale – and also the multiple dress issue thing. So maybe next time it will be a much better sale and I will be able to give Y’all some kind of advance notice so you can grab up some of these too.

One last thing. If any of you have those cat boots in a 6.5 or 7……


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5 Responses to ModCloth Stylish Surprise

  1. They seem to do it twice a year at least because they also held one in March. They handled this one really badly though because they didn’t give any notice on Facebook, and the mobile notification went out well after the fact, most things were completely sold out by then. Last time they were in stock for at least a full day. I think next time will be different though, with all the disgruntled customers, and issues with multiples, I think they will think things through more and plan better. Super jealous that you were able to snag a couple though! That black dress is amazing, and the flower one is actually pretty cute! Typically I think it will be out of season items because it’s their way of clearing out the stock. In March I got lots of boots, and people were getting heavier jackets as well. You definitely lucked out with your items!


  2. Ricki says:

    You might want to watch this page: Currently only a size 6 is available for trade.


  3. I have yet to venture into the wonderful world of CLOTHING subscription boxes- this looks fabulous! I think I need it πŸ™‚ Love your blog πŸ˜‰


  4. Ricky Morris says:

    Love the blog and enjoy following your style sense. Your fashion sense is all I have to go on. Thanks for all you posts. Eagerly awaiting te next….


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