Petbox September PLUS UPDATE!

I emailed Petbox about getting so many repeat items and asked if this is what I should expect for the full year subscription and I got an response in about two hours from Alex (not the same Alex from Horse Box, thank God), who said this:

“Hi Stacey,

I apologize for the mix up. There was a system glitch and it decided that you were to receive the same PetBox two months in a row. We will get your correct PetBox shipped right away. You are welcome to keep your repeat box, gift it to a friend or donate it to a local shelter. That is the reasoning for the contents being the same this month.”

I don’t know what to make of that response, because I didn’t get the exact same box as last month – I got several of the same items from to the last three months all put together again. So it seems like he was just making an excuse, however, it also sounds like they are going to resolve the issue in a cheerful, nice way, with good customer service. They made me feel better about the money I spent and now I will be curious what they do from here on out…

What: a monthly box of stuff for your dog.

That’s my referral link above ^^

Cost: I got a special on Gilt City that was allegedly a regular Yearly Subscription plus 1200 points to use however I want to add extra items to my box.
Petbox has four different subscription types ranging from $9.95 to $59.95(!) a month and they get cheaper if you buy a longer subscription. You can use my link to go to the (incredibly non user-friendly) web page and check out the different prices and plans.

I am supposed to be getting the “Premium Plan” which is 4 to 6 items plus any extra items I want to pack in the box using my extra points. The one big plus that Petbox has over other pet subscriptions is that they carry items for cats and you can use your points to add items to your dog box for your cats, or you can get a subscription for your cat only or you can get a dog and cat mixed together box at the highest price point.

I have gotten three months of this box now, so I feel like I can give a fair, critical review. In short, I am not really happy and don’t feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of this box. I have contacted their customer support this morning to see if they can fix the issues I’m having which are:
1: They keep sending me repeat items
2: They keep sending me either packs, or cans, of dog food.

I don’t plan on changing my dogs food anytime in the next 15 years or so. My four dogs are really happy with their food an have been eating the same stuff (good ole Purina) for their entire lives. I’m not going to change it based on Petbox sending me one can of some random food that I know I can’t find at my local grocery store. I don’t think I am alone in that way of thinking right?

As for the repeat items – this month I got the exact same dog “travel bowl” as last month, and I got the same Bacon Flavored dog food spray (my dogs freaking love this stuff – but it makes them eat way more food than I want them too), and the same “Pet Wipes” as they have already sent. So in three months, I have gotten several repeat items. That’s not cool. What’s the point of a monthly “surprise collection” (their words, not mine) if you aren’t surprised one bit?

Ok – onto the box. First up – a really blurry, terrible picture of the whole box. Sorry, but I got home super late from a horse show and my pups were really wanting to steal one of the items out of this box – so I got a bad picture. The rest are better I promise.


1: Travel Bowl


So I thought this was pretty cool when I got it last month. Now I am just like, “eh, another one, greeeat”. No excitement. It is a pretty cool bowl and I have already used my other one on a hike with the dogs. I just don’t need two of them.
Here is a shot of how it opens up for putting water in on a hike so your dog doesn’t get Giardia or anything else nasty drinking still or lake water.


2: Bacon Flavored Dog Food Spray


I was hesitant to use this because it’s weird and looks cheap. I gave it a go anyway with me one dog that will eat anything, and surprisingly, all four of my dogs went nuts over this. They needed this. The problem is my already slightly overweight lab/pit mix wound up eating both bowls of dog food in about two minutes and asking for more. So this has to be used sparingly or he’s gonna balloon right up.

3: Random Dog Food:


I’ve said enough about this.

4: Pet Wipes:


I don’t know about these. I don’t see any real use for them in my daily life – and I still have a full, unopened pack on my “dog shelf” in my pantry from my Petbox two months ago.

5: Raccoon Squeaker Toy:
I don’t have a separate picture of this because it got gone quick. My smallest pup, Cletus, took this and ran with it and I haven’t seen it since…..but I have heard it. It’s cute and it is the only item in the whole box that any of us were excited about.

6: Sweet Potato Treats:
Again; I don’t have a separate shot because I tried to feed these to the dogs – they hated them – not Petboxs’ (grammar police; how do I do that?) fault because my dogs are not into healthy stuff….so I sprayed the bacon spray on them and they ate them. The real issue is that it was the tiniest bag of treats ever. There were five pieces in the bag and each one was the size of a quarter. No lie, that’s it. Plus these were the only treats in the box. Five quarter size pieces. Seriously?

7: Dolphin Toy:

I paid extra to pack this item in my box. I think it was $3.99 so I just said “what the hell, why not?” We’ve gotten this toy before and it’s pretty cool = it’s a “recycled” water bottle inside a wool covering. It doesn’t squeak, it crinkles and crunches. The dogs had to get used to that, but once they did, it offered some pretty decent play time. I’m glad I added it to the box or there would have been only one thing in there for them to use this month.


And there it is. 6 items, plus the one I paid extra to add, and only one of them was a winner. The rest were repeats and/or just random filler items. This box was a complete waste of my money and I am bummed about it. I will wait and see what Petbox Customer Service has to say and will update this post to let you know.

In the meantime, I think Barkbox is on sale on Groupon – and I have a referral link for them that gets you another 10% off – so let me know if you want to try them…


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