Boxycharm Review for September


Can I just tell Y’all that this is only my second month subscribing and already I am completely in love with Boxycharm.  They may just take over as my most favorite monthly box over GLOSSYBOX.  This box is the perfect sub for anyone who is maybe bored of their standard daily makeup routine and wants to try new trends and new products.  This would also be a great box for an older teenager to help her build a fantastic makeup collection, without breaking Mom and Dads bank account.  While I love this box, I don’t know how much longer I can continue to subscribe to it before I have makeup coming out of every single corner of my bathroom.  Those of you that complain about all the skin and hair care in other sub boxes?  This is the one for you.

Comes with a card detailing each item and how to use it - plus two coupons this month.

Comes with a card detailing each item and how to use it – plus two coupons this month.

Every month for only $21 a month – Boxycharm sends you five full sized makeup items.  Yup, full sized.

So what did my $21 get me this month?


1. Tarte LipSurgence lip gloss in Tipsy = $19.  Thanks to Sub boxes, I now love Tarte cosmetics and especially their lip products.  I was kinda hoping for one of the three other shades of gloss they were offering other than Tipsy – because I already have it in the gloss and the cheek stain and it is a very, very light pink.  Almost too light to make any difference at all on my olive skin.  The cheek stain I couldn’t use at all, but this lip gloss makes my lips look like normal, but better.  Does that make sense?  Y’all know what I’m talking about = it fills in my lines and ridges and adds shine and a hint of color.  I like Tarte lip products a lot.

Beautiful fall colors - including a light blue that I am actually going to be brave enough to try.

Beautiful fall colors – including a light blue that I am actually going to be brave enough to try.

2. Coastal Scents Go Palette = $12.95.  Yesssss.  I got a tiny little sample of four shades of Coastal Scents eye shadow in a Birchbox once, and wound up buying the whole palette and being incredibly pleased with it.  This is a very pretty palette of usable colors.  I think Coastal Scents goes on easily and you can build up color to as sheer or as intense as you want.  It’s also very long lasting – especially if you use a shadow primer first.  I wore this brand’s eye shadow almost every day this summer.  This is a good group of Fall transition colors and I plan to use them all.  Oh, and it has a mirror.  I don’t usually redo my eyeshadow on the go – but I can see throwing this in an airline carry on bag and stepping off the plane looking fierce.

3. NCLA Nail Lacquer = $16.  If you subscribe to any beauty box at all, you are going to get nail polish.  I have tons of it.  I wish I had a girly girly friend who loved nail polish – because she would love me….but most all of my friends are the Tomboy type and I have had to almost pull their nails out to even get them to read this blog.  Anyway, NCLA is a really nice, non streaky polish; and this is a true blue red – so it will always be in style, always.

The applicator on the highlighter makes blending near your eye so much easier.

The applicator on the highlighter makes blending near your eye so much easier.

4. Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight = $22.  TT is quickly becoming one of my favorite new makeup brands, thanks to Boxycharm.  This is a highlighter that you add under your eyes and to your cheekbones for a nice, non-greasy shine.  This applicator is one of those where you twist the dial to get more product.  I already have Benefit’s Watts Up and Kryoline’s ultra highlighter. but I actually like this one better because it looks super natural and not like eye makeup.  My favorite place to use these is right in the corner of my inner eye – and the applicator on this one makes that so much easier to do than with other highlighters.

5. Hello by Harvey Prince = $29.00.  This is a Rollerball sized container, but it’s a spray on applicator.  I love fresh scented perfumes.  Any other type gives me a terrible headache, so I usually don’t wear perfumes at all.  My go to scent is Thierry Mugler Angel Sucre – which is sweet and light and sunny.  So is Hello.  It is a very fresh scent that smells happy.  It doesn’t give me a headache.  It gets great reviews on Birchbox and anywhere else you look.  It’s fairly inexpensive but doesn’t smell cheap.  I cannot stand when perfumes have that underlying musky, cheap dry down smell that clues you in that it’s made with cheap ingredients.  Not this stuff.

Ok, so doing the cost breakdown thing that all sub box reviewers do…..this box was worth $98.95.  I don’t look at it that way though.  I look at it as: “Did I get a good deal for the $21 that I spent?”  The answer with this box is an absolute Hell Yes I did!  With the exception of the nail polish, I will use all of these products down to the very bottom – so this is a big win of a box.

You are still able to get this box  -but I just checked and there is a waitlist.  However, if you use my referral link or email then I am pretty sure you can get off the waitlist and get started with this box.  Someone try it and let me know!

This is my referral link:

Or you can enter the referral email:

When you use my referral link I get 500 “charms”  – I can also earn “charms” for reviewing the items I receive.  I can then use those charms to buy only the certain items they have listed as available for me.  Right now they have 16 items that I can chose from to use my charms on.  So they don’t have the greatest referral or points system (everything pales in comparison to Birchbox), but at least it’s something – and it beats a lot of other beauty box points systems (looking at you GLOSSYBOX)…..


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