Beauty Box 5 Mystery Box Still Available

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box service that is one of the lowest cost ones out there.  It’s $12 monthly – including shipping.  If you get a yearly sub, it’s $99 – which makes the box $8.25 a month for five samples.

You get a mix of makeup, skin and hair care that are brands you can usually buy at your local drugstore or pharmacy (think Revlon, Covergirl etc.).  I think this would be a great sub box for a younger teenage girl who wants to try new makeup  and be able to pick up more of the items in their local grocery store without having to spend a fortune.

I do not subscribe to this box because I like boxes that have a little more high end makeup and beauty samples, but I do try to get their mystery boxes when they come out.  I have bought two mystery boxes before this one and I was so impressed that I knew I had to get this one too.

These boxes are still available and there are three of them =

1. The Luxury Limited Edition Box – $49 for a claim of $138 worth of products from all from one of their favorite high – end brands.

2. The Manhattan Maven – $39 for over $100 worth of full – sized cosmetics tailored for “when you’re in the city that never sleeps, you don’t want your makeup to be looking lazy!”

3. The Gold Coast Charm – $39 for over $100 worth of full – sized cosmetics tailored to “help you channel the coastal chic attitude”.

I got the Gold Coast Charm box.  It was $5 shipping, and when I went to check out they offered me a $5 mystery add on of two full-sized items.  I couldn’t resist that so I got it and paid a total of $49.

I got a confirmation email that promised orders would be processed in 3 days and that my box would then arrive within 8 business days and they weren’t joking, it took a long time to get this box.  I ordered on September 2 and by September 15 I was sending an email asking about my box.  Why?  Well because the tracking number they sent me in my shipping email said my box was just hanging out in a shipping warehouse in Texas.  No movement at all for two weeks.  Wouldn’t you know it though, that about forty minutes after I sent my email, a plain white cardboard box was delivered by UPS…..there was my box!

I sent an email again saying: disregard my last email, I finally got my box and interestingly, the company never responded.  I would think they would at least answer my email and say sorry for the delay or the bad tracking or something – but it’s ok, I got my box…..

So what’s inside?  Well, I definitely got the value in the box – I didn’t really see a California Coastal theme, but I did get some good products that I will use, and some I will give away to the teenage girls who ride at my barn…..

Here’s a look:

1. Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Coral Reef = $13.99.  I don’t use cream blush – mostly because I don’t really know how.  I gave this a super gentle try though and really liked it.  It has buildable color and is just dark enough to show up on my olive skin and over my bronzer.  A nice product.

2. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray = $22.  This is a typical Sea Salt spray.  I haven’t had the chance to use it – mostly because I feel like when I use Sea Salt Spray that I don’t come out looking like a beach goddess/hot surfer chic; I come out looking like I wet my hair, sprayed a ton of Aqua Net in it and dried it by driving 80 with my head out the window. I sprayed this and it smelled like rubbing alcohol so I checked the ingredients and the second ingredient after water is SD Alcohol.  So yeah, I’m not using this.

3. Elizabeth Mott, It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara = $19.99.  This looks like great stuff.  Anyone out there use this?  I have so many open mascaras right now, but I am opening this one next.  I am really over getting black mascara in sub boxes – but this is full sized and expensive, so I am forgiving of it.

4. Anna Naturals, Lotion in Light Citrus = $8.99.  Light?  This is very light in the sense that it is not a thick or greasy lotion; but it is not light on the scent.  It soaks in quickly and leaves non of that gross residue  – but you will smell like you just ate forty ripe oranges while someone spritzed you with lemon juice……strong scent, but not a terrible one.  It’s a pretty scent.  I like it.

5. CATTIVA, Precisione Eye Liner = $20.  I didn’t spell that wrong just so you know.  That’s the way its spelled, so I stuck it in there like that. I am getting even more tired of black eye liner than I am black mascara in subs, but I understand the companies want to send a product that is most usable for the masses.  This is a self sharpening, sleek and easy to apply eye liner.  I have been on a streak of Eyeko liquid liner lately – but this one is going in the rotation.

6. Lancôme, Eye Color Base in Nude = $26.00.  Funny, my computer knew to put that little thing above the O in Lancôme.  What is that thing called?  It’s not a tilde or an umlat right?  Anyway, this is a high end product, and I look forward to trying it.



I also got the $5 surprise and it looked like this:


A $4.99 Nicka K nail polish that is super bright red and fun and an $8.99 Sedona Lace eye shadow brush that I already have others of that I like better.

So the total value of the items in the box was $110.97 and with the added surprise items = $124.95.  That’s an amazing value, but I don’t look at these boxes and say “oh I got so much for my money so it’s amazing” – I look at it as “would I pay the amount that I paid for the contents of the box and be happy”?  The answer on this one is: yeah kind of.  I like being able to try a really nice eye primer….I can never have enough quality mascara….the black eyeliner is always useable and the hand cream is really nice stuff.  There was just nothing in this box that made me squeal or jump around or feel like I scored a major win.  That could be the result of getting so many boxes though = box blasé?

These are still on sale if you want one – let me know if you get, or got, the Manahattan Maven = I am curious to see what the difference is between the two coastal themed boxes.


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I am a mom, lawyer, friend and all around goofball. I am one pet away from being put on an episode of Animal Hoarders. In my spare time (hahaha spare time!), I ride horses and compete in Show Jumping. I am an all in soccer and baseball mom and I have been caught yelling obnoxiously at a Ref and/or Umpire (sorrynotsorry). I am a true Tomboy so all this beauty and makeup stuff is new for me, but I have no fear in trying new trends and fads. I also have no fear in giving a completely honest, critical, unbiased opinion on anything and everything - just ask me!
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