A Horse Box – Customer Care Issue


Ok,  so last week I wrote a pretty glowing review of A Horse Box – which is a new subscription box for horse owners.  I had never seen a review of this box and I was very impressed with the quality and contents of the box.  So much so, that I decided to donate a six month subscription of A Horse Box as a raffle prize for the end of year banquet for a great organization I am a board member on called the Southern Hunter Jumper Association of Georgia (SHJGonline.com).  It is an Organization dedicated to, and all about, people who ride, own, train and show horses in the southern area of Georgia.  What more perfect raffle item than a six month subscription to a box that caters to horse owners?

So, after seeing how great the box would be, I reached out to the people who run A Horse Box and explained that I would like to purchase a six month gift certificate, as well as a personal subscription for myself.  I explained that I was a “part time blogger” and avid rider,gave them a link to the review, and said that I would love the opportunity to give away their box as a means of helping advertise both my new blog and their fairly new box.  I asked how to go about accomplishing this and also if they offered any discounts to help our organization or just any promotional codes that I could promote.  I even asked them to include any promotional material and we would set it up at the banquet and on the website to help promote the raffle prize and A Horse Box.

Imagine my surprise when, three days later, I finally get a response back from someone with A Horse Box that was seriously not a response I expected and actually borderline rude.  I’m not a very sensitive person, but I do believe that as the customer, I should be treated with a fair amount of respect and friendliness.

The response from Alex at A Horse Box:

“Hi Stacey,

Thanks for reaching out to us.  I personally am a little conflicted on your review, sorry to hear you had such low expectations and do not care for our name.

I’ve attached a donation request form for you to review & submit.  We do not offer discount at the time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Alex & AHB Team”

ummmmmm – yeah I have a question = sensitive much?  Are you kidding me?  I sent you  a proposal to buy two subscriptions, use your product as an awesome raffle prize and give you a ton of free advertising and you, as a business entity, actually want to complain to me about how I don’t like the name of your Sub Box?  Are you kidding?  So what?  Nevermind the glowing review and how I told all my readers to get the box if they are horse people.

Maybe I am the one who is being a little too sensitive – but forget this.  I will not do business with a company that responds to it’s customers like little brats.  Instead, I am going to use Barkbox for the raffle prize, because like I told Alex in my email response to her, Barkbox makes me feel like a welcome, wanted and appreciated customer.

This is exactly why I started this blog – because like I told all of you, I am never going to write a less than honest review; or not tell you problems and issues I see, just to keep the Subscription Box company’s happy.  My blog is raw, real and honest.  Always will be.

Sadly, I will not be subscribing to A Horse Box now.  I hope they stay in business while continuing to treat potential clients this way – and I damn sure hope they don’t get a competitor with better communication skills, or they are toast.

Did I mention Barkbox is on sale?  Use the link below and it will give you %10 and length sub, plus if you enter code: TWIT – you should get an additional %20 off.  You can also complain about their name and they won’t care and will still give you excellent customer service and awesome stuff for your dog friends.



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One Response to A Horse Box – Customer Care Issue

  1. I don’t think you’re being too sensitive. I read your review and it was just a small comment about the name, and you’re not wrong. It’s a very basic name. I didn’t take it as an insult to the company or anything. It was extremely unprofessional for them to include that comment in their response. Especially that he felt conflicted by the review because of that. If you had complained about a product I would understand addressing that, in a professional manner, but not a small comment on the name.


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