A few cool sales and some thoughts

Hautelook.com. I apologize in advance for any of you that get taken to this site. It is my biggest addiction and, next to Golden Tote, the place where I spend most of my online money.

HauteLook has a set of new flash sales that start every day (usually at 11 A.M. Georgia time) and run for a few days, or until they sell out.  They have five different categories for sales: Women’s, Men’s, Kid’s, Home and Beauty.  They have some of the most amazing deals you will ever find on certain items – so it’s a good idea to check this site out every now and then and look at the upcoming sales. There is bound to be something you love.

Here are just a few of the amazing beauty and fashion deals I have gotten from HL:

imageimageThis hangs in my officeimageimage

They also have one of the best, if not just the best, return policy’s I’ve ever seen. Their parent company is Nordstrom – so you have two options to return things for     any reason whatsoever.

1.  Go online and hit the button for returns, print out a paid shipping label and return the items or

2.  Take the items to any Nordstrom Rack and they have a little handheld device/app thing that they scan any code on the item and your money is returned. That’s it. Done. Oh, and you have 90 days to return. 90 day Y’all!  Does anyone know of a longer return policy?

The two times I have returned items has been by taking it to the store. One time I had my Assistant, Amanda, with me and said “I just have to run in here and return something really quick”. Y yeah, you can guess how thrilled she was with that – because we all know that returning items in stores is a little slice of hell.  Well, it took less than four minutes. No I.D. Required, no receipt, no signing any slip. I handed the cashier the items, she grabbed her handheld app thing (I don’t know a better way to describe it), she pulled up and scanned the items – printed me a receipt and we were gone. That easy.

But I’m really ahead of myself because seriously, there isn’t much reason to return anything. The items are so quality, and so on sale, that I keep everything unless it doesn’t fit right or it looks different than I expected from the 2D image.

Anyway, they are having a sale today on one of my absolute, everyday beauty staples = Cotz mineral tinted sunscreen. I don’t wear traditional foundation or concealer or “base” or whatever you call it. I hate the feeling of coating my skin in gloppy stuff.  I also had been trying to wear sunscreen on my face daily, but I can’t stand the smell of almost all face sunscreens. Until now. I got a tiny, teeny sample of Cotz in a Birchbox once (God I love you BB) and decided to just go ahead and try it. Well, it doesn’t smell, it blends and evens out my skin tone beautifully and it makes my skin feel like smooth, soft velvet. I freaking LOVE Cotz.  You can buy Cotz at most drugstores and pharmacies, I think.  I know Walmart and Ulta carry it for $20 plus tax.  Well, last time it was on Hautelook I was able to get it for $12.  I also got a package set of one tube of Cotz and a chapstick for $14. That’s a heck of a deal. So, today I will be grabbing a few tubes of this to stock up because last time I bought three tubes, plus the chapstick for $38 – but then one of the teenage girls that rides with me at the barn, who I adore, fell in love with my Cotz at one of the travel shows we were at, so she asked to have a tube and of course I gave it to her.  Then my husband claimed another tube (he was freaked out by the tint in it at first, but it blends in so well that he loves it now, and uses it daily).  All three of us have completely different skin tones too – and it just blends in equally.  So today I will be grabbing more.


Another beauty items on HauteLook today is a product called Miracle 10 AHA cream. I got a tiny sample of this in my New Beauty Test Tube last month and I think it’s interesting enough to potentially buy a full sized container. However, online it is $64 for 50 ml. So no thank you.  Let’s see what HauteLook prices it at and I might grab a jar because it is billed as a “mild face exfoliate/cleanser”, but I find it to be the softest, gentlest cream that feels incredible on my face. It also smells like lavender – and it has alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid and Vitamin E in it.  Anyone out there use this stuff on a regular basis?  Look it up and it promises you all sorts of results for your skin – so depending on the price I might grab a jar, or two – because if you spend over $100 on HauteLook, you get free shipping.  And I promise you, it is exceptionally easy to find $100 worth of items on HL.  I think you have to sign up and be on a wait list to get an “invitation” to HL sales. I think that is such a stupid concept that all these companies have now. I know they want it to appear like you are part of some exclusive club, but give me a break. It doesn’t work big flash sale companies. That whole concept is what kept me from subscribing to Ipsy’s sub box altogether. It felt like they wanted me to rush a damn Sorority to be able to have the privilege of giving them my $10 every month. No thank you.


HL isn’t that crazy though. If you email me at Thinkinginsidetheboxes@gmail.com and I can send you a referral to get right on today – plus they give me a $20 credit, so that’s pretty cool for both of us.

Sale starts in 20 minutes – see ya there?











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One Response to A few cool sales and some thoughts

  1. I’m so addicted to Hautelook! I try not to buy too much, but sometimes it’s hard. They also have a great shipping costs to Canada, and it comes super fast once shipped! It’s definitely becoming one of my favorite ways to shop, especially for footwear and accessories.


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