The Allure Beauty Box

What it is:  Four times a year, the Beauty Team at Allure puts out a curated “Beauty Box” full of supposedly new products that they love and use.  It operates as a flash sale – first come, first served – and women literally lose their minds over it.

Cost: 44.95 plus $10.00 shipping for a total of $54.95 (duh)

This thing is massive and makes ladies go crazy to get it.  The Summer box sold out in about three minutes and women were actually posting death threats and hexes and all kinds of craziness against the people in charge of “The Box”.  This time around, I think the Allure people got a little scared and made extra boxes, and limited the amount of boxes you could buy to just one per household.  I used a computer, and my secretary used a computer, and we managed to get ahold of two of these Unicorns.

I can sort of understand the hysteria and sort of not.  The Summer box was amazing and introduced me to two new beauty products that have now become absolute staples in my daily routine (dry conditioner and Burt’s Bee’s daily moisturizer).  This box though is just ehh.  I still love it because there are a total of 24 products in the box  – so that works out to $2.28 per item in the box.  However, like the Summer box, it is very heavy on hair products and also, a lot of the items are specific to a certain type of hair (blonde, brunette, curly, straight).  For the money though, I am totally happy and looking forward to seeing if any of these items become “Can’t live withouts”.  The rest I will give away or swap – so it’s a win and I will be fighting the crying, teeth gnashing, good deal wanting beauty addicts for the winter box too!


Here is a shot of all of the items – a full bottle of Cetaphil? Heck yeah – I love that stuff!  A new lipgloss?  Always welcome in my house.  A spinning toothbrush and toothpaste are not items that would seem to belong in a hip and trendy beauty box, but I sure will use them. 

So, this box feels more like a product promotion type box than a box meant to introduce you to new and exciting items in the world of Beauty.  I guess they are saving that for their monthly subscription box….which will be coming to me shortly to review.

Nothing in this box made me squeal with happiness or run right up to the bathroom mirror to try it immediately – but I did feel like you do when you score a really great deal that a lot of people don’t get. 

I am most interested to try these items that I have never seen before:


Make It Straight and Make it Curly – let’s see who does it best….

The Tea Tree Face Cleanser looks gentle and has a lot of interesting, natural ingredients that sound like they will be gentle on skin.

Again, not overly impressed – but for the money, this box is a hell of a deal.

Did you manage to score one?  What’s your favorite product?


About Buffaloney84

I am a mom, lawyer, friend and all around goofball. I am one pet away from being put on an episode of Animal Hoarders. In my spare time (hahaha spare time!), I ride horses and compete in Show Jumping. I am an all in soccer and baseball mom and I have been caught yelling obnoxiously at a Ref and/or Umpire (sorrynotsorry). I am a true Tomboy so all this beauty and makeup stuff is new for me, but I have no fear in trying new trends and fads. I also have no fear in giving a completely honest, critical, unbiased opinion on anything and everything - just ask me!
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