The First Post!

image   Thank you so much Y’all for following me on this goofy attempt to provide a fun, yet critical review of any and all things that catch my interest in the Beauty and Fashion world.  I never had much interest in what all the other girl’s were wearing, or what the latest fashion trends were, or what lipstick color was perfect for what handbag…..I was too busy having kids and getting educated; right up through getting a Law Degree. Then, I got a little older (and greyer and wrinkled and contemplative) and realized that fashion can be fun!  Makeup can be fun!  Trying new things should be done now instead of waiting until it’s too late! So, in the world of Subscription Boxes, I started like most – Birchbox.  Then I kept subscribing.  And subscribing.  Now I have more black eyeliners than a Vegas Showgirl could use in a lifetime….but I also have a pretty good idea of which sub boxes are worth your money, and which are not.  I also know how to find some pretty good deals and promotional codes that I want to share with Y’all.

So that’s the basic point of what I’ll be doing here = showing you what you get for your money on these boxes, testing the items in the boxes, sharing deals and promo codes and basically just trying to give a critical, logical look at what you might get for your money.  I truly hope this works and Y’all are entertained and we all learn something together.

I welcome all suggestions, criticisms, concerns, jokes, complaints and smiles – I seriously have no idea what I’m doing, but here we go…..





About Buffaloney84

I am a mom, lawyer, friend and all around goofball. I am one pet away from being put on an episode of Animal Hoarders. In my spare time (hahaha spare time!), I ride horses and compete in Show Jumping. I am an all in soccer and baseball mom and I have been caught yelling obnoxiously at a Ref and/or Umpire (sorrynotsorry). I am a true Tomboy so all this beauty and makeup stuff is new for me, but I have no fear in trying new trends and fads. I also have no fear in giving a completely honest, critical, unbiased opinion on anything and everything - just ask me!
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5 Responses to The First Post!

  1. Betsy says:

    Yay for you and this blog! I was wondering about two boxes, the julep box, and the razor of the month box. Do you subscribe to either or know anyone who does?


    • Buffaloney84 says:

      Hi Betsy: I have never subscribed to Julep because they raised their prices, I have heard horror stories about their customer service and I don’t need two or three nail polishes a month. The best way to try Julep and see if you like the formula’s is to wait until they have a mystery sale and buy one of those boxes. I have gotten five mystery boxes so far and have about 20 bottles of their nail polish now and I have to say that I am not impressed with the formula or the colors really.
      I am seriously in love, however, with a product they have called Quick Dry Drops – you paint your nails and add a drop of this stuff and it dries your nails almost instantly. Plus, it smells like lavender and softens your cuticles. I was seriously skeptical at first, but I got a bottle in one of the Mystery boxes and I will definitely have to get more when I run out.
      They are about due for another Mystery box sale soon – I’m surprised they didn’t do a Labor Day one – and I will let you know so you can check them out before making the leap to a full on subscriber. I have read several reports that it is very hard to unsubscribe from them – but I do not have personal knowledge of that. While I haven’t always been happy with the contents of the mystery boxes, I have never had a problem with shipping, delivery or packaging.
      How about you private message me your mailing address and I will send you a bottle of their polish to try as a gift for you being my very first commenter on this blog?

      As for those Razor of the Month or Dollar Shave Club subs – I don’t know much, but I remember reading an article somewhere that they are actually a middle man for a lower end, but good quality, razor company – so you can get the razors even cheaper, without having to commit to a monthly club. I will try to find that article and post it for you.


  2. Ricky Morris says:

    This blog is awesome. If you want to know the true value of these subscription boxes I would suggest you follow this blog. Stacey will give you a trus and accurate opinion on the value of thiese boxes. She is a smart frugal shopper and really knows how to find the most value for her hard earned money. Trust me when I say that any review Stacey gives a particular box will be the best objective review you can find.


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all do with this blog, I have so much make up from sub boxes but am pretty clueless on what to do with it, Hoping I can learn a thing or two from you! Remember to let me know if you need any help with the blog!


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